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Over the past year, I’ve sporadically attempted to migrate from using my paper logbook to use more electronic forms of logging. I have been using EMACS journal mode as a form of log. Its offline nature means that I now have at least 3 separate journals around the place. Merging them shouldn’t be too challenging because they each consist of entries that aren’t replicated in any of the other journals.

I’ve been gradually forming what I want/need in my mind:

I’ve recently started thinking about how I’d want to embed files into it. At the moment, I have loads of small bits of code flying around. Every so often I write a small piece of test code; for example, I recently wrote a quick test program to work out how to use threads from Python – something that I already did just over a year ago, but no longer have the files. Importing those files or Git repositories into the journal and the ability to associate them with something that I was doing would be amazing.

I’ve no idea if a bit of software exists that does these things. Maybe I should look. I think I once heard of a piece of software for managing multiple git repositories – that would be a small fraction what I want.

Naturally, when I achieve some e-paper, I would need to be able to add sketches to this log…

Edit:I forgot to mention the repo.or.cz project. Really cool.

Posted at 7:18 pm on Wednesday 15th August 2007

Sunday 6th August, 2007

Posted at 12:01 am on Monday 6th August 2007

Dr. Who == Captain Scarlet?

Dr. Who is becoming increasingly like Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. It’s got Captain Scarlet, a.k.a. Captain Jack Hartness, and Cloudbase, a.k.a. Valiant.

How long until Spectrum is Green!?

Posted at 1:29 am on Sunday 24th June 2007


Jeff, Steve and I were just considering using capacitors for powering things instead of button cell size batteries. We thought about moving the plates apart as the capacitor discharged so that the voltage increases. Then I thought why not use a squidgy dilectric so that the width between the plates increases as the charge decreases as a result of the force between the charges on the plates. Of course this all relies on finding some sort of suitable dilectric.

I’m writing it here so that Steve can’t patent it :-P

Posted at 8:12 pm on Friday 25th May 2007

Not good.

-bash-3.00$ free -mm
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          2025       2009         15          0          1         46
-/+ buffers/cache:       1962         63
Swap:         1983       1983          0
Posted at 3:37 pm on Friday 4th May 2007

First Class Procrastination

#!/bin/env python                                                               
from Pymacs import lisp

def test():
    start, end = lisp.point(), lisp.mark(lisp.t)
    lisp.insert( "Pies" )

Closely followed by:

M-x pymacs-load RET test RET RET M-: (test-test) RET

A highly useful command.

Update: Added a “RET” to the end. It’s much better when that’s there.

Posted at 5:27 pm on Thursday 3rd May 2007


A blue tit just flew into my window. That was abnormal, considering I basically never see anything but pigeons in Southampton.

Even more surprising was the kestrel that landed on the wall outside my window. I think it had been chasing the blue tit.

Posted at 9:19 am on Wednesday 4th April 2007

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