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Order your Formica 2 kit now

Jeff and I have just announced that we’ve made Formica 2 kits available for order. You can pre-order them in the newfangled xGoat webshop, and this will guarantee that the kits are shipped to you by the 22nd of February. The kits come with all the surface mount components already soldered on the PCB, so you can get to programming your robots as fast as possible. Some soldering is still required to attach the motors, battery, antennae and photodiodes.

You’ll also find the protopack in the webstore, which is a backpack (an extension board which plugs into the new hack connector on top of Formica 2) with a 1.27mm prototyping area on it. This will be useful for quickly hacking together extensions for your Formica robots.

Luckily I managed to get in at the right time and bought all the MSP430F2274 microcontrollers that we need for these chips. There’s some kind of international shortage of these at the moment. If you are in desperate need of these chips, email me and I might be able to sell some to you.

Posted at 6:06 pm on Wednesday 30th December 2009

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