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Reality LUT

Reality LUT

Posted at 3:10 am on Sunday 24th February 2008

Slug Infestation

Slugs arrived this morning…

Slug Infestation
Posted at 12:06 pm on Monday 26th November 2007

CNC Videos


Posted at 11:11 am on Sunday 12th August 2007

Scraping John’s Site…

Have just spent an hour or so setting up an RSS for John’s New Zealand adventures. Should update every half an hour.

Source used to generate it available here :-)

2012-08-10 Edit: John’s site has been down for a long time now, so this is definitely not going to work any more!

Posted at 11:48 pm on Monday 6th August 2007

Changelog Drama

Some selected lines from the changelog of the U-Boot JFFS2 reading software:

/* Ok, so anyone who knows the jffs2 code will probably want to get a papar [sic]
 * bag to throw up into before reading this code.


 * Please, he really means it when he said have a paper bag
 * handy. We needed it ;).

 * - overhaul of the memory management. Removed much of the "paper-bagging"
Posted at 3:40 pm on Wednesday 4th July 2007

Maxim are unbelievable!

The engineers at Maxim must be completely and utterly unhinged. The MAX9911 (datasheet) is absolutely nuts. It’s got a “low” shutdown current of 1nA. 1nA! Yarrrrgh! I want to know what they regard as “very low”…

Posted at 5:23 pm on Monday 2nd July 2007


Jeff, Steve and I were just considering using capacitors for powering things instead of button cell size batteries. We thought about moving the plates apart as the capacitor discharged so that the voltage increases. Then I thought why not use a squidgy dilectric so that the width between the plates increases as the charge decreases as a result of the force between the charges on the plates. Of course this all relies on finding some sort of suitable dilectric.

I’m writing it here so that Steve can’t patent it :-P

Posted at 8:12 pm on Friday 25th May 2007


Arrrrrrr. Management sucks.

Posted at 1:57 pm on Friday 25th May 2007

Memory diffing.

Hmmm. Two identical situations, and no idea about why one’s different to the other… I know, I’ll take a dump of SFRs in both and then diff the result…

Posted at 8:33 pm on Monday 21st May 2007


How on earth does this RewriteRule:

RewriteRule ^tg_widgets/turbogears/js/(.*)$ js/$1 [L]

Cause a request to /tg_widgets/turbogears/js/MochiKit.js map to /beesjs!?:

File does not exist: /home/rob/public_html/beesjs

Update:It all makes sense now. There was another .htaccess file further up the tree…

Posted at 12:07 pm on Monday 14th May 2007

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