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Excellon Drill Files and pygoocanvas

Just knocked a quick script up to read in an excellon drill file and display it using pygoocanvas:

The lines show the path in the file. Tool changes aren’t yet shown.

Source coming later. After sleep.

Posted at 2:33 am on Monday 20th August 2007

Doubling the resolution of your CNC machine

  1. Add 4 lines to the firmware for the MSP430s that sequence the stepper motor drivers so that they half-step (so that there are sometimes two active coils).
  2. One’s resolution has doubled.
  3. Dance.
  4. Push changes up to public firmware git repository.

We did have a resolution of 0.2mm per step. Now we have 0.1mm. w00t.

Posted at 1:51 am on Wednesday 15th August 2007
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CNC Videos


Posted at 11:11 am on Sunday 12th August 2007

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