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msp430-gdbproxy replacement implemented

Tom and I have been working on some code to replace msp430-gdbproxy, which is a piece of closed source software that we regularly use to program and debug MSP430 microcontrollers. The atmosphere at 25C3 encouraged the continuation of this effort, and we can now successfully reprogram MSP430s using it. We’ll be releasing it as FOSS as soon as possible once we’ve ascertained that there are no legal issues with us doing so. I’m sure that you can understand the reasons for such caution here.

In the future, we’d like to be able to prove that we had got to this point by this date. Therefore, we’re publishing the SHA1 (160-bit) hash of the source code right now, and will later publish the code that it goes with. That hash is:


And in order to remind myself which git commit this maps to in my repository, it’s commit: 894dde86e14b824e16540908e9138ee944abafcf.

Posted at 10:39 pm on Wednesday 31st December 2008

Formica Kits!

Jeff‘s just finished giving his excellent presentation about the Formica robots at 25C3. We were really surprised by the demand to buy these things. We might be persuaded to sell some robots if the demand is really high enough — either as kits or fully assembled devices.

So, please send an email to rspanton+formica@zepler.net if you are interested in purchasing some in the future! We’ll get back to you if we receive enough interest.

Edit: Alternatively, register your interest by posting a comment below and leave your email address so we can get back to you.

Posted at 7:22 pm on Sunday 28th December 2008

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