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Jeff and I have been working hard on the Formica project in our spare time (honest!), but unfortunately we’re not going to make our previously announced deadline of the 26th. Sucks, I know. This means that we’re not going to be doing a workshop at 26C3. Sorry. We will be at 26C3 though, so do come and say hi!

Why the delay? We’re not just shipping the same old design as before. We’ve added a hack header to the robot, allowing the robots to be easily extended. We’re quite excited by the extensions that people will come up with. We’ve also trimmed down the number of components on the board further (yes, it was hard to believe there were any, but turns out we did miss some!). All of these changes meant that we had to do a prototype run, which obviously increased the hours that we had to put into the project.

I’m not going to say exactly when I think the robots will be ready, because I don’t want to let people down again! However, I think I am safe in saying that they will be available within the next few months.

Posted at 11:37 am on Wednesday 23rd December 2009

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