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It was never supposed to be this way

At the last Student Robotics doing, Jeremy showed me an exceptionally vile piece of hardware. Here, I share with you the pictures that I took to raise general awareness of this sort of abuse.

USB disgustotron

USB disgustotron

USB disgustotron

Posted at 11:55 pm on Monday 9th November 2009

2 responses to “It was never supposed to be this way”

  1. jvdh says:

    But does it work?

  2. Nick says:

    Ouch. *cringes*

    I had one of those that did a 3-way PS/2 switch once, that didn’t work either (you could get the 8052 in the motherboard into an infinite loop waiting for a response to a command that would never come because the now-connected device hadn’t received it and the timeouts weren’t implemented correctly). Suck.

    Incidentally, congrats on the One Show ;-)


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