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Formica kits available from 26th December

In his talk at 25C3 last year, Jeff announced that we’d have Formica robot kits available soon. We stumbled in achieving that goal, but certainly never lost sight of it. We’re back on our feet now, and we’re happy to announce that Formica kits will be available at 26C3. We’ve applied to run a Formica workshop at 26C3 in which we’ll be giving a hands-on tutorial on assembling the kits into live robots.

Kits will be available outside the workshop at 26C3, and also on-line after the event. It’s likely that a place in the workshop will be €50, which will include a kit. Kits without the workshop will probably cost less.

Now we’ve got a deadline to motivate us!

Posted at 4:10 am on Saturday 17th October 2009
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