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My first package shipping through Fedora

After a bit of a delay, msp430-binutils, the first of my gcc packages is now part of Fedora 10. I’m now a sponsored (a.k.a. approved) Fedora packager :-D

So it can now be installed by running:

yum install msp430-binutils

Or, if you’re of PackageKit persuasion:

pkcon install msp430-binutils

msp430-binutils contains a number of tools for working with msp430 binaries. The ones that people will use the most are likely to be the assembler and linker. These are a requirement for the compiler, which I have packaged, but have yet to submit to Fedora. Hopefully I will get gcc in there over the next week — closely followed by the rest of the mspgcc toolchain.

Those who manually installed my packages will get the update through the normal Fedora update sources.

Above image derived from the Tango Desktop ProjectCC-SA licence.

Update (5/2/2009): I forgot to mention that this is part of the toolchain required to build the software for the Formica robots!

Posted at 8:46 pm on Thursday 5th February 2009

11 responses to “My first package shipping through Fedora”

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  2. Pat F says:

    I have zero clue how much work is involved, but have you given any thought/plans to make a Debian package? It would help all the Debian-based folks, including Ubuntu, Mint, etc.

  3. rob says:

    @Pat: No, I don’t have any plans to make Debian packages. I don’t use any Debian based systems so I’m not the right person to be doing that. I believe Debian does have some mspgcc packages already. However, I believe they don’t incorporate all the patches necessary to compile for some of the later chips (mspgcc lacks a “release cycle”…).

  4. Adam says:


    I am currently packaging mspgcc for Debain. I should have some packages shortly. I have applied all the patches required so you have an up to date package. I have a build system that rebuilds the package using CVS sources applies the required patches each day so the packages are all ways up to date. Should have something working by the end of the week.

    My build system is a php script running some shell commands and then some shell scripts to bring it all together.

    The system applys the mspgcc patches from cvs to the upstream source then a new patch is generated that compares the patched source to the upstream source that is then used in the packaging. I also create a tar.gz package with the new patch so you can compile right from source.


  5. John says:


    Thanks for packaging these tools. I’ve had an MSP430 development board in a drawer for a couple of years, and now I’d like to try some stuff with it.

    At first I tried installing your packages using the Fedora 10 Add/Remove Software GUI. There were just two hits for a search on “msp430”: msp430-gcc and msp430-binutils. Without having the other 3 RPMs from your site installed, I wasn’t able to build the leds example (which I got from SF CVS).

    I haven’t dug into this, but maybe Fedora needs to have all 5 of your packages instead of just the 2.


  6. rob says:

    @John: Yep, I know — it takes time to fill out the forms! I intend on submitting msp430-libc and msp430-gdb soon.

  7. anokia says:


    Whatever happened to mspgcc for debian systems (ubuntu really)?

    I know I am a newbie but I didn’t think getting my hands on mspgcc would be this difficult

    Any eta/ideas?

  8. rob says:

    Hi anokia,
    There are some packages for Ubuntu that Adam Horden is working on.
    Find a mailing list thread about them here. Adam’s still working on them, but they’re your best bet at the moment.

  9. Stephane says:

    Your work is amazing. Congratulations.

    I am under fedora9, but unable to install your software. Here is the message I am faced to:

    # yum install msp430-binutils
    Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
    Setting up Install Process
    Parsing package install arguments
    No package msp430-binutils available.
    Nothing to do

    Could you please help me.
    Thank you

  10. rob says:

    Hi Stephane,
    You’ll find instructions on installing mspgcc under Fedora 9 here. The mspgcc packages aren’t in the Fedora 9 repositories, and never will be. Fedora 9 is old!


  11. stephane says:

    Hi,Thanks for so quickly answering. I’ll upgrade to fedora 10 and install the full from repositories. I’ll let you know.

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