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My first package shipping through Fedora

After a bit of a delay, msp430-binutils, the first of my gcc packages is now part of Fedora 10. I’m now a sponsored (a.k.a. approved) Fedora packager :-D

So it can now be installed by running:

yum install msp430-binutils

Or, if you’re of PackageKit persuasion:

pkcon install msp430-binutils

msp430-binutils contains a number of tools for working with msp430 binaries. The ones that people will use the most are likely to be the assembler and linker. These are a requirement for the compiler, which I have packaged, but have yet to submit to Fedora. Hopefully I will get gcc in there over the next week — closely followed by the rest of the mspgcc toolchain.

Those who manually installed my packages will get the update through the normal Fedora update sources.

Above image derived from the Tango Desktop ProjectCC-SA licence.

Update (5/2/2009): I forgot to mention that this is part of the toolchain required to build the software for the Formica robots!

Posted at 8:46 pm on Thursday 5th February 2009

Belgian Formica

I’ve just received excellent news. Toshaan and his colleagues have built some of their own Formica robots. True to the spirit of open source projects, they tried out their own improvements to the robot drive (see the photos Toshaan has made available). It is really cool to see our designs used and developed by someone else who isn’t in the same country as us!

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting
And if that wasn’t good enough, Toshaan and I are both going to FOSDEM at the end of the week. So we’ll be able to compare notes about our robot minions. If anyone else is headed to FOSDEM and is interested in meeting up about the Formica robots, then send me some sort of electronic communication over these here interwebs.

Posted at 1:38 am on Wednesday 4th February 2009

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