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Two talks in one day

Ever since Student Robotics began there’s been a monotonically increasing knowledge barrier presented to new university student members. We’ve always tried to ease the assimilation process, but our methods haven’t been too effective. However, Chris is now our president. Chris has been through most of this wall of knowledge, which has put him in a good position to understand some of the issues in becoming a new member — and is thus helping the whole group understand this problem.

In a meeting last academic year we decided that we’d run a few sessions on various bits of stuff that would be useful for new members. The first one that we’re running is about Subversion and is happening on Thursday at 18:00 in seminar room 1, Zepler building. Chris and I are doing this presentation and it should last about an hour including questions.

Chris and I are also doing another presentation on Thursday at the “Robotics in the Curriculum” event. Unfortunately it’s a private event, but it should hopefully help us get the message about Student Robotics out to some people who may be interested in helping us expand the scheme.

Of course, I’m also doing my PhD. I spent today’s PhD hours reading about real and artificial Gecko feet. They’re just witchcraft.

Posted at 12:50 am on Wednesday 19th November 2008

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