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The Situation

I thought that I’d publish an update on the Student Robotics situation to try and explain to people what’s going on. At the moment, we’re as busy as we can be. SR 2009 has just been kicked off, so there are a lot of people expecting stuff from us at colleges. At the same time, we have to perform recruitment on the University side of things — which we’re just not at all prepared for.

This time last year, we were trying to do the same thing. We were recruiting new people and sorting out college stuff. We didn’t pay enough attention to the new Uni people, and didn’t introduce them enough to the new situation, which lead to almost all the new members not turning up again. This time around we’re trying not to suddenly present members with a massive wall of information that’s really challenging to get through (Chris made it though!), but reduce the learning curve by letting them experience .

Chris and I are working on the website as much as we can at the moment. We are close to releasing the new web-IDE as well. It’s quite stressful, as we’ve got people from 3 sides trying to get us to do things: the colleges, the rest of the SR group and the new SR members who are waiting for their induction session.

The next few weeks are going to be a big grind for us, but hopefully we’ll come out the other side with some awesome.

Posted at 1:13 am on Wednesday 15th October 2008

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