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Hacking in Iceland!

I’ve been in Iceland now for over a week, along with the glacsweb team — including Jeff and Tom. We’ve just moved into our third accommodation, which has a free wifi connection that makes it highly compatible with our high bandwidth requirements. I took a couple videos. The first is of our previous (and second) hacking situation:

Yesterday, Jeff and I finally got to go to the glacier (we were locked in the above shed for about 5 days and gradually became more and more insane).

At the moment we’re fighting a battle against failing probes. When we start looking at one, it fails! Argh!

I’ll try and stick more up here later.

Posted at 6:51 pm on Saturday 9th August 2008

One response to “Hacking in Iceland!”

  1. Steve says:

    Amazing! Hope you’re having fun :D

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