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Audio conversion in GNOME

I walked to the shops earlier. I took my mp3 player with me, which I haven’t used in a while. I keep all local copies of my (new) music in Ogg Vorbis or FLAC, which means that when I transfer to my mp3 player, I have to convert the tracks. Previously, I’ve bashed together a shell script that does the conversion, but today was different. Today I got graphical.

I had a quick search for audio converters for GNOME, and found AudioFormat and audio-convert-mod. audio-convert-mod is in the Fedora repos, so I used that. It was surprisingly enjoyable. It automatically detected the encoders and decoders that were available on my system:

audio-convert-mod: Installed Codecs

The program takes the form of a wizard, which first asks for the files to convert, then the format to convert to, and the destination directory. Then it converts them. That’s it, no hassle.


Posted at 11:34 pm on Thursday 14th February 2008

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