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Farnell Cheat Sheet Entry #1

Pin headers are found in Connectors -> Multipole -> PCB Header and Jumpers

Posted at 9:35 am on Tuesday 31st July 2007

Third Year Project Report

Jeff and Steve suggested that I put my third year project report up. Get it here. I’ve also put up the contents of the accompanying CD.

I’m now doing a summer internship at Uni working with Klaus as my supervisor (he supervised my project). My internship is highly related to my third year project – it’s a sort of continuation of my project, but without the absolute necessity of getting it all done!

The abstract:

Developments in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are strongly focused on minimizing the power requirements of sensor nodes. As sensors with significantly large resource requirements are introduced into WSN systems, algorithms must be developed to maximise the information returned per sensor reading. The integration of “lab on a chip” sensors into WSNs widens the focus from power reduction to the reduction of sensor usage, since the limited reagent resources available to such nodes will limit node lifetime.

This project builds upon the prototype Gumsense sensor node to create a platform that is suitable for the development and deployment of WSNs that incorporate “autonomous experimentation” algorithms. Substantial changes are made to the architecture of the Gumsense hardware platform in pursuit of this new philosophy. The platform is upgraded so that data can be sampled whilst remaining in a low power sleep state to minimise resource usage. C and Tcl libraries are developed to enable the rapid development of algorithms for the new Gumsense.

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Posted at 12:43 am on Wednesday 25th July 2007

“The most robust and expensive solution is to use a MAX6348 Power-On-Reset device”

Sounds like a challenge…

Posted at 10:17 am on Friday 13th July 2007

Open source FPGAs

The day when we have an open source FPGA will be a good day.

I found out today that there was once an open source FPGA project, called GOSPL. However, it only lasted a few months.

Posted at 2:12 pm on Monday 9th July 2007

Changelog Drama

Some selected lines from the changelog of the U-Boot JFFS2 reading software:

/* Ok, so anyone who knows the jffs2 code will probably want to get a papar [sic]
 * bag to throw up into before reading this code.


 * Please, he really means it when he said have a paper bag
 * handy. We needed it ;).

 * - overhaul of the memory management. Removed much of the "paper-bagging"
Posted at 3:40 pm on Wednesday 4th July 2007

Maxim are unbelievable!

The engineers at Maxim must be completely and utterly unhinged. The MAX9911 (datasheet) is absolutely nuts. It’s got a “low” shutdown current of 1nA. 1nA! Yarrrrgh! I want to know what they regard as “very low”…

Posted at 5:23 pm on Monday 2nd July 2007

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