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avahi… mmmm… yum.

Over the past few days I’ve been working on a yum plugin that will pick-up local yum repository mirrors using avahi. It wouldn’t have taken that long to sort out if I hadn’t failed to read the bit of the dbus tutorial I was reading that said I’d need “import dbus.glib” to make callbacks work.

I spent many hours trying to work out what was going on. Steve found the problem with me not importing dbus.glib. Thanks Mr Steve.

I’ve put the code up here. It’s a git repository. Grab it using:

git clone http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~rds204/yum-avahi/.git

There are two python files: repos_announce.py and repos_listen.py

repos_announce.py: This is to be run on the server. It uses avahi to tell the rest of the network that a yum repository is available locally. It points to the http server that it runs which servers the “conf” file, which contains the configuration for the various yum repositories.
repos_listen.py: This is the yum plugin. Stick it in the yum plugins directory (defaults to /usr/lib/yum-plugins). The yum plugin also requires a configuration file called “repos_listen.conf” which sits in the yum plugin config directory (/etc/yum/pluginconf.d), and this needs to contain:

enabled = 1

Currently it will only attempt to grab repositories that you already have configured.
I reckon it’s a relatively safe thing to have enabled even in potentially unfriendly networks, as long as you have gpgkey checking enabled.

Comments welcome.

Posted at 2:31 pm on Thursday 2nd November 2006

2 responses to “avahi… mmmm… yum.”

  1. Steve says:

    Yum! Of course, if you were using apt…. you’d still have the problem. Umm, not sure Ubuntu fanboyism has much of an outlet here. Must Try Harder.

  2. Jeremy Katz says:

    Looks cool… want to send it to yum-devel-list for some discussion and potential inclusion in yum-utils? :)

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